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Whether you’re exploring the Christian faith, returning to church after some time away, or have been following Christ for a lifetime, we want you to feel at home! We strive to create a place where you can truly come as you are and leave different. Join us this Sunday for worship at 9:00 or 10:45 a.m.




What is the teaching like at Northside? What do we believe? Find out here.


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Holy Spirit

What do we believe about the Holy Spirit and our response? Read here.


What is prayer like at Northside? You can find answers right here.




About Us

Located in the heart of downtown Knightdale, Northside is an authentic, friendly and relational group of people. You’ll get a sense of that, once you walk through the doors.

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Northside’s ministries are rooted in meeting our community’s changing needs by living the unchanging Gospel of Christ. That mission shapes our hearts, informs our actions, and aligns our efforts.

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Serve Opportunities

At Northside, there are numerous ways you can roll up your sleeves, serve others, and build relationships in the process. Discover how you can put your gifts and talents to use!

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New? Feel new? Come meet us after every service in the lobby so we can introduce ourselves and get to know you.
We'll have staff and key volunteers as well as information of upcoming events. We can’t wait to meet you!

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We have a primary value of studying the Bible together each weekend. We believe the Scriptures are the inspired word of God, filled with truths to build our lives and church upon, and as we study them, God leads us to a better understanding of who He is, who He says we are, and what our place is in this story He is writing.



Each weekend, there is a lot of music in our services. It’s how we usually begin our time together, to focus our minds and hearts on who we have gathered to worship. More than mere music, songs of worship are prayers of thanks, awe, need and devotion that prepare our hearts to be changed.

When we say “come as you are,” we mean it. We want you to be yourself and to wear what you’re comfortable in when you join us for worship. There’s no dress code at Northside.


Response/Holy Spirit

As we seek God together, we ask that His Spirit would reveal Himself to us both for the sake of us as individuals and as a faith community as a whole. When God moves, we want to respond. Our response happens in a few different ways; sometimes we pray; other times we sit still in reverence; other times we reach our hands for God; every month we observe Holy Communion.

By responding to God, we are both changed and equipped to live out His Gospel in our lives.



Prayer is responding to God by actually having a conversation with Him. Each week, following our study of God’s word, we take time to respond to what we’ve heard, through prayer.

Sometimes we simply sit quietly, allowing space for God’s Spirit to speak to us individually. At other times we may be given an opportunity to pray together as a community. There are always people from within our church community who are available to pray with and for anyone who would like prayer for something specific.



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