About our leadership


Since Northside's beginning, we have utilized a co-vocational model where our staff work full-time jobs outside the church. We see this model of leadership as a biblical approach to ministry. This model allows for more financial resources to be devoted to ministries both locally and globally.

Together with the Lead Pastor, the Elders exercise leadership, government, and discipline and have responsibilities for Northside's life, as well as the spiritual direction of the church. The primary role of Deacons at Northside is a ministry of service through the use of their spiritual gifts.


Our Staff


Adrian Dixon

Lead Pastor

Dee Belvin

Pastor of Children's Ministries

Jesse Durst

Pastor of Student Ministries

Tera Varela

Ministry Specialist

Amy Fictum

Director of Community & Engagement

Mikayla Kaczmarczyk

Northside Kids Coordinator

Rae Kaczmarczyk

Director of Digital Ministries

Josh Lyman

Worship Director

Danielle Glenewinkel

Director of Northside Preschool

Cate Waligora

Communications Coordinator

Leo Gosselin

Facilities Manager

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Brian Belvin

Term: 2022–2025

Jeannie Davis

Term: 2022–2025 

Dustin James

Term: 2022–2025 

Jason Kellhofer

Term: 2023–2026 

Richy Narron

Term: 2022–2025

Bill Powell

Term: 2023–2026

Marty Walton

Term: 2022–2025



Kelly Allen

Term: 2020–2023

Joe Bukowski

Term: 2020–2023 

Gwen Canada

Term: 2020–2023

Andrew Coley

Term: 2022–2025

Diane Ferello

Term: 2020–2023

Bill Scorso

Term: 2022–2025

Clint Tillerson

Term: 2022–2025

Wesley Pearce

Term: 2023–2026

Sue Bodette

Term: 2023–2026 

Jorge Varela

Term: 2023–2026

Tara Johnson

Term: 2023–2026